A strong focus at Dalle Cort Financial Services is education through informative seminars presented by our Financial Advisers. We run a range of different seminars throughout the year on topics including; Investment Strategies, Retirement Ready, Borrowing to Invest, Self Managed Superannuation as well as a yearly Economic Update and Expo. 

Retirement Ready Seminar


This seminar is a must for anyone who is contemplating retirement within the next 5 years. We discuss strategies designed to obtain a tax free income stream during retirement. We also show you how you can safely grow your capital base in retirement, whilst drawing a regular income from your investments.

Investment Strategies Seminar


This is our introductory seminar that explains the fundamentals of investment strategies. The historical returns of Cash, Property and Shares are compared and we look at how you can create wealth by refining your proportional holdings of these three asset classes.


We discuss the detrimental effect that inflation can have on your capital base and how to combat this phenomenon. We offer our advice on how to achieve the greatest possible investment returns from the Sharemarket with the minimal amount of risk.

Borrowing to Invest Seminar


Gearing is the practice of using borrowed funds for investment purposes. This is an intermediate seminar that shows you how investment returns can be significantly enhanced by borrowing funds to afford you a much larger investment capital base.

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