1. Foundations


In this life stage you are gaining your financial independence and saving for a home, car or holidays. You will generally have no dependents and furthering your career to support savings as well as an expensive social life. This is the best time to start practising sound financial habits including preparing a budget, saving, setting goals and following a wise borrowing strategy.


Things to consider for this life stage include:


  • Starting a savings plan and/or an investment portfolio

  • Wealth protection strategies

  • Ensuring you have a valid will and enduring power of attorney

  • Superannuation strategies to ensure long term goals are achieved


2. Asset Building


During this life stage most you will spend the majority of your time working and need to start considering your lifestyle goals including buying your first home, saving for children’s education and saving for retirement. It is important to remember that during this life stage, growing your retirement balance will come from early investing activities and cash savings. These will need to be carefully balanced with debt reduction strategies and legislative restrictions on capital.


Things to consider for this life stage include:


  • Debt management

  • Strategic asset allocation

  • Diversified strategies

  • Wealth protection strategies

  • Ensuring your estate plan protects your beneficiaries


3. Wealth Generation


During this financial stage your income is rising, although your nicer home, car and children often consume your increasing income. Your lifestyle of choice during your retirement will be significantly impacted during this life stage unless managed correctly.


Things to consider for this life stage include:


  • Debt management

  • Wealth protection strategies

  • Superannuation contribution rates


4. Retirement Planning


The retirement planning stage of life will see most of your working years behind you. You are likely to spend 20 years or more in retirement so it is important to develop an appropriate plan to ensure that your hard work will last throughout your retirement.


Things to consider for this life stage include:


  • Retirement savings plan

  • Transition to retirement

  • Estate Planning

  • Investment protection

  • Rebalancing wealth protection strategies


5. Retirement


Retirement is the life stage that you should be looking forward to and not having to worry about. While you should be enjoying your lifestyle of choice that you have achieved, there are still financial issues that need to be considered.


Things to consider for this life stage include:


  • Ensuring your Estate Plan is up to date

  • Investment protection

  • Continue managing investments and superannuation

  • Managing your engagement with social security


No matter what life stage you are in, the wealth creation, wealth protection and wealth distribution focus at Dalle Cort Financial Services can assist and provide you with a comprehensive range of services to ensure yours and your family’s financial security. 


We believe that it is never too early or too late to plan your financial future and start living your lifestyle of choice. At Dalle Cort Financial Services we understand that as you go through the various stages of your life, your goals and priorities will change, let alone the competing interests of your individual needs and your family needs. Our team will be there to reassess your financial plan and strategies every step of the way. 

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