How will I pay for your services?


There are many different ways that payment can be arranged, such as:

  • BPay, direct debit or credit card

  • Deducted upon entry into a recommended product

  • Incorporated into investment lending


Who are you licensed by?

All of our Financial Advisers operate as Authorised Representatives of GWM Adviser Services Limited T/A My Fortress Pty Ltd. GWM Adviser Services Limited is recognised as one of Australia’s leading financial advice networks, with over 500 experienced advisers across Australia managing over $9 billion of investments.


Are you a member of an industry body that has a code of practice?


Dalle Cort Financial Services is a registered “Professional Practice” of the Financial Planning Association, the professional body representing qualified financial planners in Australia, and therefore adheres to set standards in terms of ethics, conduct and continuing professional development.


What happens if I can’t contact you or you are away?


Our team of Financial Advisers deliver advice in a consistent manner enabling other Adviser’s to step in should I be out of the office. Our four Senior Advisers are also partners in Dalle Cort Financial Services and there will always be at least one of them available in my absence.  Rest assured, an Adviser will always be available to assist you.


Do you employ a quality assurance audit process?


Dalle Cort Financial Services were the first financial advice practice in North Queensland to achieve the SAI Global Quality Assurance accreditation Financial Planning 9000-Quality Management for Financial Planning Practices.  This accreditation incorporates all of the requirements of ISO 9001 and thereby provides an excellent framework of internationally accepted quality business management principles and practices.  We are assessed annually to ensure that we continue to meet the standards as set out by SAI Global. In addition to this My Fortress Pty Ltd conduct annual audits also to ensure that we are providing appropriate advice to our clients in the most professional way. Further, we engage an internal audit programme to ensure that we continue to meet our benchmarks.


What is your general investment philosophy?


We believe in a low cost, tax effective, diversified investment strategy. We do not try to actively engage in trying to time the share market as we do not have a crystal ball. Our investment philosophy means that your portfolio should match the market as opposed to trying to beat it. 


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